Our Natural History – Ireland

When you think about museums you think in old stuff and serious people? So I have to present to you The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, the place where everyone becomes a child!

The museum opened in 1857 and has animals from all over the world, it works like a zoological museum. You can see animals from famous movies like The Lion King, Bambi, Madagáscar and archaeology artifacts. Besides this, the place was the scenario for the 3rd season of Penny Dreadful, the horror drama series where the most famous characters could be seen together like Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Dracula, werewolves and more monsters.

The museum transports you to different ages and places. So if you want a different tour of your week, go to Natural History Museum!

Opening hours: From Tuesday to Saturday – 10h to 17h

On Sunday – 14h to 17h

(Closed Monday, Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Price: Free for charge

Merrion Street, Dublin 2 http://www.museum.ie

01 677 7444

Priscilla Teles

Coffee Times News


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